Welcome To MNT
Welcome to MNTcomputers.
Welcome to the website of MNTcomputers! If this is your first time, here are some quick directions and some of the latest news:
For all repair inquiries, visit Services on the above menu.
For all custom computer orders, visit MNT.build from the above menu.
If you’d like to know more about MNT, visit About MNT from the above menu
If you’d like to order a pre-designed computer, visit cart.mntcomputers.com.
**Notice: As we are about to update our custom build systems (in the next few weeks), we recommend ordering a PC through our pre-built system.**
~MNT Computers and Waterworks Gaming Studios have come together to create games under MW Productions! New Mac games are already on their way! Head over to mwp.mntcomputers.com to learn more!
~Updates are coming soon to the specs and prices of a MNT.build PC! Contact us before buying!
~New services coming soon along with product updates! Expect these within the next couple of months!

~MNT has a whole new branch controlled by Jon Bjorlie! This new branch will be making PC games as MNT will begin to create Mac os X games under their name! Have some programing skill or want to try our Mac demo? Visit
jbp.mntcomputers.com for more information!
*Before 6.5%tax